's Story

It’s funny that I have just been asked to write about my experience as I have just been doing a practice session with a friend (someone who also does the course) and she was just saying how hard it is to imagine where we were two years ago at the start of the course to where we are now. Our analogy was, ‘it’s like the distance from here to the moon!’ We had just spent the last few hours doing therapy with each other so were in a pretty good space (no pun intended).

I decided to do the course as I had gained so much from the individual sessions with Anna, but was still far from being ‘normal.’ In fact I had gone from being more or less housebound with no work or social life to doing a few social things and spending more time outside the house, so I was quite apprehensive about whether I’d be able to do a weekend or not.

I decided to challenge my beliefs and thought I could use some of the basic techniques Anna had taught me whilst there. The first weekend I completed successfully, in fact I seemed physically to have more energy at the end of it as things were making sense to me. I must admit, the first weekend was a little tiring in terms of me trying to grasp the new information, but knowing that there was no pressure to take everything in, that I could repeat it if I missed it, and that there was the course information online helped loads.

It was so nice to be surrounded by some fellow students with M. E, who were more or less in the same situation as I was in, many not knowing if they could make it either. It was great that I could do whatever I wanted, take quiet time to myself or rest or be with the others. If someone had any big challenges come up, including myself on the second weekend, there were previous students there to help us get through any difficulty including Anna who was able to take me aside for half an hour during the lunch break.

Being on the course was different to any other learning environment I had experienced as, due to the nature of the course, we spent a lot of time being in different states such as calm, relaxed states and other beneficial states allowing plenty of ‘down time.’ There were many ‘aha’ moments and even after the first weekend there were many shifts taking place that hugely affected my life. Being the therapist has been a real journey of not having a clue to building up many personal skills and qualities that make me who I am today. The course and tutors tend to guide and mould you into being more of yourself as a therapist rather that an NLP robot whilst providing the space for you to do that.

Now I am working part time as well as spending the other ‘part of my time’ starting my own business as a therapist. I am starting my supervisions in a few weeks time and cannot wait to start using this stuff officially. Oh, and you make a lot of friends doing this, both on the course and from the changes you’ll start to see as you progress with your life outside of the course.