living in the now
healing the past
creating the future
In development since 1998, the Therapeutic Coaching model integrates the key principles of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, life coaching, EFT and mindfulness training.
recognised and accredited
The groundbreaking 18-month certification programme has been running since 2005 and is accredited by the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council, British Institute of Hypnotherapy and Association for the Advancement of Meridian and Energy Techniques.
Complementary Natural Healthcare CouncilBritish Institute for Hypnotherapy CouncilAAMET

Therapeutic Coaching
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Info pack includes:
  • Printed prospectus posted to you

  • 3 Stages to Becoming a Practitioner video series

The model integrates following tools:


Understand the past


Heal the past


Live in the now

Life coaching

Create the future


Work with your unconscious self


The user manual for your brain

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"Being on the course was different to any other learning environment I had experienced as, due to the nature of the course, we spent a lot of time being in different states such as calm, relaxed states and other beneficial states allowing plenty of ‘down time."

It’s funny that I have just been asked to write about my experience as I have just been doing a practice session with a friend (someone who also does the course) and she was just saying how hard it is to imagine where we were two years ago at the start of the course to where we are now. Our analogy was, ‘it’s like the distance from here to the moon!’ We had just spent the last few hours doing therapy with each other so were in a pretty good space (no pun intended).


"I would recommend it to anyone who is even only a little interested in the subject matter and also wants to get better. My life would be very different now had I not followed my heart, despite my fears and gone for it."

Before I became ill I really wanted to train in Psychotherapy but could never find the time or money. Then I became too ill to work, let alone think about that so my dream got sadly put on hold. I had no idea that in going to see Anna as a patient that doors would also open again for me in this way.


"I found it invaluable learning more about the processes which the psychology department use with patients, as it allowed me to understand much more fully how to work with my own mental and emotional state."

After I had started doing some work with the psychology side of the clinic, I heard of the practitioner training course and was tempted to do the course because I was fascinated by the tools which I had been learning, and which had allowed me to make so much progress in a relatively short space of time. I was concerned that I might not have enough energy for the course, as my energy was still very limited at the time and what energy I did have was going into working part-time. The financial investment also worried me slightly as I wasn’t sure at the time how long it would take me to be able to get my health back fully.


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