After a number of requests from promising students who were otherwise unable to afford to attend our training programme, in 2010 we created our popular scholarship programme. Scholarships result in a 40% concession on Levels 1 and 2.

About the Programme

As a patient of The Optimum Health Clinic, you will already have experienced the power of the psychology approach which we have developed over the last 15 years: Therapeutic Coaching.  The result of all of our years of therapeutic experience, Therapeutic Coaching integrates key elements of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, mindfulness and EFT.  

After continual requests, we began running our practitioner training programmes in 2005.  Originally this was to train the next generation of practitioners, but in time it became clear it was also a powerful way to support the healing path for patients.  Indeed, if you’ve followed OHC recovery stories, you may well have noticed how many of those interviewed have actually been students on the courses, and there is no doubt that the depth of understanding of their own psychology that the course provides seems to significantly accelerate recovery rates.  These courses and therefore not just popular with those planning on becoming practitioners, but also those looking to deepen their learning and accelerate their own healing path.  

To make the course more accessible for those who are still recovering, in 2010 we launched our unique scholarship programme.  If accepted into this programme, you benefit from around a 40% concession (exact cost depends upon option chosen) on the total cost of Levels 1 and 2, the option to pay instalments, and access to a powerful self-development support programme.  This option is so popular because it includes:

1. In depth training in psychology tools

There is only so much detail that can be gone into during one-on-one sessions. During the training course we have the opportunity to go far deeper into the material, and when you are learning the deeper wisdom behind the approach, it is that much easier to apply to yourself and your own recovery.  This is the secret that both Alex and the team at OHC, and many other students have discovered for themselves - a real key to healing. From a professional perspective, we work on the premise that the best practitioners are those that have applied the tools most deeply to themselves, and thus have a very strong emphasis on self-development as part of the training for those who intend to go on to work as practitioners..

2. Highly focused support

With a combination of monthly in-person group training sessions (you can follow these from home with high quality videos the first year if you prefer) along with regular online group coaching sessions, you will have a significant amount of support, along with accountability.  Your progress will be tracked not just using these sessions, but also using a monthly learning journal which helps us ensure no one is left behind.  The significant support structure of the course also means that some students can reduce the need for one-on-one sessions (which also helps cover the cost of the course).

3. Being part of a positive and supportive community

Recovering from ME/CFS can be an isolating and lonely experience.  Whether you attend in person, or choose our distance learning option for the first year, you will be part of a committed and passionate group who are on the same healing path.  With an active culture of positivity and possibility, lifelong friendships get formed on these courses.

4. Significant steps towards a rewarding future career

Not everyone that does our Level 1 and 2 training courses does so with the intention of going onto Level 3 (the clinical part of the course) and becoming a practitioner. However, for those that do, it is one of the most rewarding careers you can imagine.  We believe that working with people to change their lives and to make a fundamental difference at their time of need is about as good as work can get.  And, if you are not looking to become a full time practitioner, the tools you will learn are still invaluable for your own personal development, and are transferable to a multitude of different careers.

Here is some feedback from previous students...


Course format

You can find full details of the course contents in our prospectus.  However, specifically for those on the recovery path we provide several formats for attendance and instalments plans to best support accessing the course whilst still on the recovery path.

In person

This option is most suited for those already well enough to attend one weekend a month in London. 

 This option includes:

- Full attendance at Levels 1 and 2 at OHC Training Centre (20 days in person training)

- Monthly self-development video call with Alex Howard or Anna Duschinsky for 12 months

- High quality video recordings of all sessions

- Option to review in-person sessions for a second year with no additional charge (ie focus on self-development year 1 and practitioner development year 2)

Cost: £500 deposit + £12 x £250 monthly instalments (total £3500).  15% discount for payment upfront.

Distance learning + in person year 2

This option is best suited to those still building up energy levels and not yet ready to attend in person.  You follow the course from home for the first year with a focus on self-development, and then attend in-person during the second year with a focus on practitioner development.

This option includes:

- High quality video recordings of all in person training sessions

- Monthly content review call (as a substitute for in-person Q and A sessions at weekends) for 12 months

- Monthly self-development video call with Alex Howard or Anna Duschinsky for 12 months

- Attendance in person at  course year 2

Cost: £300 deposit + 24 x £150 monthly instalments (total £3900).  15% discount for payment upfront.

International students

For those based outside of the UK (particularly those outside of Europe) it is now possible to complete the training remotely.  If wishing to complete Level 3 and become accredited, this option is only suitable for highly self-motivated students.  In addition to the above distance learning elements, to graduate Level 3 you will be required to complete:

- Written assignments for each module (these are in additional to book reviews and case studies)

- Quarterly one-on-one calls with a supervisor (in addition to above group sessions)

- Filmed sessions of yourself working with clients for trainers to review

Cost: £300 deposit + 12 x £300 (total £3900).  15% discount for payment upfront.  


My recovery is the most important focus this year, what if I’m not able to focus completely on the course?

We believe that the best practitioners are consistently those who have done sustained and committed work on their own self-development.  We will therefore always encourage you to prioritise your own healing over course requirements.  That is not to say that to complete Level 3 there is not a significant body of learning which needs to happen (there is!), but that rushing this is never helpful.  Our commitment is to help you find the best path for your learning, not to force you into rigid structure.  This is significantly supported by the fact that all sessions are recorded, and that you have the option to review the course a second year (either in person or remotely), allowing you to initially focus on self-development.

What if I start the course and I feel unable to complete it?

Many people have this concern, but the reality has actually been that delegates have consistently found that by learning the material on the courses, and applying it to themselves, their improvement has accelerated. Many patients (who you might have heard being interviewed on view the course as the key factor in their recovery. There is something quite extraordinary that happens when you immerse yourself in such powerful material with likeminded people over several years!

However, if for any reason you felt the course was doing anything but accelerating your own healing process, you would be allowed to defer your place to a future year, at no extra charge.  If you start attending in-person and choose to switch to distance learning for Year 1 initially this would also be supported.  However, please note that if you choose to defer or switch options, you will still need to complete your original payment plan if paying by instalments.

I’m concerned about having enough energy to complete the course, should I not wait until I am almost fully recovered?

If you are concerned about being strong enough to do the course, please discuss with us in more detail. Having supported thousands of people with ME/CFS, we have a great deal of experience helping patients decide when to “push” a little, and when to “hold back” and can support you in making the decision.

Also, with our own dedicated training centre, we have designed it to be “M.E. friendly”, benefiting from a fully equipped kitchen and a separate “quiet room” during the lunch breaks for those who might need to rest during this period. It is worth noting that both Alex and Anna undertook professional training in these fields during their recovery processes, both finding it to be a key factor in their eventual recoveries. Many of our assistants have also had ME/CFS themselves and they will also be there to support you in listening to your body and getting the most from the course.

I’m not sure I necessarily want to work as a practitioner, so is it still appropriate for me to do the course?

We very passionately believe that learning to master your own psychology is one of the most important things we can ever learn in life. The course has applications to virtually every area of life, from health and healing, to relationships and career, to finances and education. We have therefore structured our courses so that you can go up to Level 2, without having to decide if you still want to go to the advanced levels of practitionership (which is Level 3 where the written work and supervisions take place).

Do I have to have completed all of the home study materials before starting Level 1?

No. The purpose of the Home Study Courses is to assist learning beyond the classroom, and although having started some of the material before commencing the weekends can help, but we let students know before commencing training which parts it is helpful to have studied. To get your final qualification it is of course necessary to have completed all of the home study materials, but this can be done in a timescale that feels manageable for you.

What if I miss a weekend due to ill health or I have prior plans on one of the weekends?

All sessions of the training course are video recorded to a high quality. Recordings are then loaded into a private students’ area of the clinics website within a few days of the course, and you can catch up in your own time.

What is the next step?

Scholarship places are offered to those on the recovery path from ME/CFS at the discretion of Alex Howard.  This programme was created to support those who who benefit greatly from the course, but would not be able to afford to attend otherwise.  To find out more about the programme, or to be considered for a scholarship please CONTACT US

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